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Enhanced eBooks – Some facts you need to know

Enhanced eBooks in simplest of words is an eBook that includes interactive features like audios, videos, and animations etc. embedded in it. Making eBooks readable on multiple devices has always been a challenging task owing to the fact that the features of eBook readers keep on progressing inconsistently. Underlying are some of the facts regarding enhanced eBooks which you should know before stepping ahead for the digitization process.


Misconceptions regarding enhanced eBooks

Before delving into the depth of enhanced eBook features, let’s check what is often misunderstood as an enhancement. A lot of misconceptions are there regarding enhanced eBooks that should be alleviated. Some consider even linking and embedded fonts as enhancements. The mentioned are in fact the very basic features that electronic versions should have.


Enhancements are actually those extra virtues that make reading a more interactive, informative and interesting process. The restrictions of printed books are eliminated to a great extent; you can add new functionality or more content as you wish and whenever you need.


Incorporation of audio and video

One of the most common and basic enhancements done on eBooks is the addition of media to it. For availing a better reading experience you can embed relevant media content that falls in line with the message your content intends to communicate. Take care to make sure that the content and media don’t mismatch to deposit a feel of weirdness in the eBook.


However as of now, these features are supported only in Apple iBooks, Second generation Fire HD tablets and Kindle Fire as well as Barnes and Noble Nook tablets.

Limitations in regard to the market where these books can be sold and the devices on which the incorporated media can function must be considered. Many readers shun away from downloading heavy books. So, it is highly recommendable that you place the media files on your website rather than in the eBook itself. By this, you get an additional benefit to connect with the prospects when they reach your website after they click the link provided in eBooks.


Narration via audio

Audio narration can surely be a great inclusion, especially in case of children’s books. This increases the level of perception enjoyed by children. The narration can easily be added as media overlay to Barnes and Noble eBook formats as well as Apples. Having audio narrations can help children in grasping the idea in a more comprehensive manner. Travel books and cooking manuals are also incorporating audio narrations these days as voice in instructive mode is more impactful.


Interactivity through animation

As of now, animations are compatible to iBooks on iPad. Though animations can be used in any eBooks, it is normally used with books for children. As most of the animations in children’s eBooks are created using CSS, texts and images can move along the predetermined paths. With the proprietary functionalities available with Apple, developers can embed interactive features through JavaScript. Overall interactivity can be taken to a newer level using animations. Always remember that the animations created for video products and eBooks are different in many aspects. Including animations for professional purposes is also a nice idea as the project scope can be illustrated with more precision to the prospects using animation.


Beneath the Ink

The extended dimensions of possibilities are one of the major upsides of eBook publishing. There are virtually no limitations as far as your creativity doesn’t deceive. It is not just about the images and texts as in case of traditional books in print. Besides that, you can exploit the opportunities of Beneath the Ink. This is a technology that helps readers to add information or content layer beneath the wordings in your electronic books. By this, your readers can explore more, no matter whatever the genre is.


Creation of customized interactive Widgets

iBook Author platform has the ability to create customized interactive widgets via which new functionalities can be added to the eBook files. There are many widgets built-in which include a quiz taking the widget and a picture gallery along with much more. You can add more functionality when compared to the standard fixed layout electronic books with these widgets. They are developed using Dash code which is a programming tool by which even Apple Product’s web applications are created. The code used is normally a strategic combination of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


Now, if you prefer opting enhanced eBooks conversion service provider over many other options available, the very first step for you is to find a digital conversion expert team in the process. Do enough research, proper market studies and critical comparisons before handing over the conversion or the publishing task to a service provider.


Checking the previous works and customer endorsements of the service provider can be helpful. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for a sample done for you before making the final deal. These only make sure that your investment is on the right people.